Providers of 24 Hour Roadside Assistance for Enhancement of Purchase Incentive and Loyalty Programs
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Auto Road Services, Inc. markets 24-hour roadside assistance programs and provides access to North America's largest nationwide dispatch organization throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.

ARS was founded in 1991 by Charles O. Grove and is a direct extension of his 60 years of service in the automotive aftermarket industries. Mr. Grove conceived the concept of adding roadside assistance on aftermarket products and innovated the combinations of roadside assistance as a value added marketing tool to those industries.

Currently, ARS services the largest automotive and aftermarket corporations such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgstone/Firestone, Exide, Yokohama, Sears, Bosch and Goodrich only to name a few.Initally conceived as a purchase incentive program for prestige automobiles, roadside assistance not only gives the customer added value, but also gives you added profit, increasing buyer incentive to purchase more premium products and/or services. Auto Road Services has applied this powerful marketing tool to such industries as finance and banking memberships, extended warranties, telecommunications, installer services, employee benefits and many more.

Auto Road Services has diversified its corporate and aftermarket programs to provide service to various markets. These markets include retail automotive service chains, insurance and financial companies, institutional lenders, credit card companies, extended service contracts, grocery markets, employer and membership groups and website sales.

Our dispatch services have access to over 40,000 emergency repair and mobile service providers nationwide and in Canada. All are database verified for prompt courteous and dependable customer service. In addition, these providers are backed by a multi-million dollar insurance umbrella and are continually monitored by a database management system.

Mr. Grove's vision has enabled Auto Road Services to become the first and largest provider of roadside assistance as a marketing tool for industries to increase sales and profit. It's no secret that consumers want more value and Auto Road Services has been the pioneer in offering roadside assistance programs to encourage consumers to purchase products and services from companies that offer it.


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